Monday, March 5, 2012

Bitlets For You This Past Week: Feb 27th- March 4th, 2012

HOW is it MARCH already!??! Easter's on its way... here's a list of easter candy that is safe in the US. Canadian list is here!

Cravings getting the best of you? Here's some insight.

What's new on the list of things BPA will wreak havoc on?

What you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body. Your skin (your largest organ!) absorbs everything you put on it (yup, just like your body absorbs everything you put in it)

What is (and isn't) a drug, and why.

5 Words the food industry destroyed.

Everyone should know where their food came from.

A list of brands that if aren't directly owned by Monsanto, they at the least contain ingredients produced by the hellish company. I highly suggest keeping these out of your home (and mouths).

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