Monday, March 5, 2012

A Week Worth of Plastic: Week 48

This week I'll leave you with a bit of "food for thought" on just how unsafe plastics are.

Here's how we contributed to the problem this week (in a limited sorta way):

1. Garbage bag from the weeks trash (now biodegradable!)
2. 3 Pasta packages
3. Stickers from fruit & veggies
4. Large spice bottle
5. Salad tub
6. Cap & seal from glass bottle of maple syrup
7. 7 bags (plastic or with plastic on them) from flours & grains
8. EnjoyLife chocolate chip bag
9. Realfruit gummies bag
10. Bandaids & related blood donating plastic
11. Ravioli bag
12. Toothpaste tube
13. Bronzer compact
14. Bread bag
15. Mini booze bottle
16. Coconut sugar bag
17. Packaging from glass food storage containers
18. Price tag ring from metal basket
19. Deli container from goat's feta

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