Monday, April 30, 2012

Bitlet's For You This Past Week: April 23rd- 29th, 2012

An intro to fermentation (not at all scary!)

I agree Michael Pollan, apples are at the top of my list for things to buy organic! Anything with higher levels of fats such as meats, eggs, dairy & nuts are a good idea too- pesticides are stored in the fats!

The stuff in our food that's not food... and it's killing us.

Thinking about trying yoga for the first time? Read this.

How to live vicariously through yourself: Some awesome goal setting steps!

I think I'm going to have to be building something like this in the coming weeks!

The scoop on high fructose corn syrup.

Soy: The bad, the worse & the ugly.

A few stumbling blocks you may encounter when going gluten free.

Hello from Stanley Park, Vancouver!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bitlet's For You This Past Week: April 16th- 22nd, 2012

Phthalates can be brought into your body via bpa, plastics & shampoo, and cause some serious health issues.

Ever wonder why carrots are orange?

Why eating gluten-free isn't a trend.

It seems that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is making eating out a little more difficult for those of us avoiding gluten out of necessity these days...

Guess what else has been linked with the increase in autism lately?

I added Kino Yoga onto my facebook a little while ago and have been delighted to see regular videos popping up in my news stream on how to master some tricky poses- worth checking out!

I kind of want to make all of these- right now!

I think these ones will be stashed away for snacking on our trip!

P.S. I'm heading to Vancouver for a mini-vacation in a few days! Any must-see suggestions or tasty gluten free meals you might suggest?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Roast Vindaloo Chicken for What I Ate Wednesday: April 18th, 2012

Happy What I Ate Wednesday, guys! I know, I know I've been slacking a little bit lately and it's been a few weeks since I've done a WIAW, but bear with me! Here's what my day shaped up to look like!

Jalapeno Monterey Jack Cheese

These fresh blackberries...

... went into a tasty smoothie!

That brown grass in my backyard is kind of depressing, sorry 'bout that... At least (almost) all the snow is melted! Spring is certainly on its way around here, and with the amount of (April) showers we've been getting lately there had better be some amazing May flowers in a few weeks!

Ancho chili, Lemon cucumber, Parsley & Violet tomatoes.

I started a few veggie seeds last week that have started sprouting up through the soil in the past few days- very exciting! If we don't have flowers, I'll have these for sure! The sprouts closest in the photo are a heirloom variety of tomatoes!

Afternoon tea- one of my faves!

For dinner tonight, I roasted a chicken! I figure if summer is on its way (eternal optimist?) my days of having the oven on for hours at a time are dwindling. I coated it with melted coconut oil and some vindaloo spice we got awhile back and have been meaning to use up. I chopped up a sweet onion which sat in the bottom of the roasting pan while the chicken cooked and added some home canned tomatoes from last summer to make up a vindaloo sauce- yum!

only a few jars left!
We had black thai rice and steamed broccolini along with it for dinner. Pairing items like this with chicken seems normal enough? I suppose potatoes are a more "normal" item to accompany poultry, but we're trying to reduce our grain consumption (via getting rid of what we have in the house) so no biggie. The broccolini we bought at Costco- Mr.C's favorite veggie. All in all, somewhat of an average meal for us.

You're probably thinking "where is she going with this?". Last Monday I got my lab results back from some allergy bloodwork I had done. I'll give you a few guesses on what showed up...

My understanding of the accuracy of this particular testing method is that it is pretty good, but more often will present with false positives than false negatives. I've certainly never noticed any sort of a reaction to anything other than gluten and sometimes dairy (neither of which showed up) and especially not anything that was listed in either of the 3 columns of intolerance's. Coconut will be hard to do as an elimination challenge because we use coconut oil for everything. I bought some grapeseed oil to switch over to in the mean time when I cut it out in May. I don't eat a ton of broccoli or cranberries, so those should be easy to avoid for awhile.

From the mild intolerances though, there are a few that will be tough. I almost don't want to know about garlic, eggs, black pepper or rice! No gluten and no rice? That'll be tough... Actually, that'll have to be paleo! Adventures in food indeed!

Tell me about your food adventures lately! What did you serve up for dinner last night?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bitlet's For You This Past Week: April 09-15, 2012

The environmental & food movements can & must work together.

Could it be sugar to blame for your high cholesterol? Absolutely. Here's help.

Sneaky places gluten lurks.

Is organic all it's cracked up to be?

Weight loss isn't just calories in/calories out. Even if you eat plenty healthy, think about taking a look at other things around you. More on that here!

Top 5 Reasons to divorce soy.

5 Easy ways to kick gluten out of your life

When people ask what the difference between a "normal" nutritionist and a holistic nutritionist is, I want to show them this:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bitlet's For You This Past Week: April 02-08, 2012

Beet & Spinach Powder keep things interesting!
Happy Easter! Whether you celebrate the religious side of it or not, Easter is definitely a "food holiday". I hope you ate well this weekend! Here's a handful of interesting things to keep you busy!

This is just ridiculous Michigan!

Guys, if you needed a reason not to skip breakfast, here it is!

Healthy Aperture is a site chock full of yummy looking recipes! Similar to Tastespotting, but with a required focus on health... dive in!

These bars are definitely on the "to-make" list!

A gluten free sugar addict: Surely you know one (if you aren't one yourself!)

Just a friendly reminder to buy organic!
Hey look! We're not the only ones that hate Monsanto!

Check out this YouTube on what this guy has to say about Sourdough bread- interesting!

Paleo 101: In case you've been wondering!

All the reasons you could need to "shop like a foodie"

Dairy definitely isn't your best bet...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Detox 2012: Breakfast Quinoa

I must admit, I've been struggling with the food side of things on this detox we're doing. Of all the people, I know. As perhaps a test of strength we decided that we would do this cleanse as vegetarians (nearly vegan without dairy & few eggs though). The reason for making this choice is unclear to me except for the fact that I was the one who suggested it. What was I thinking?

If you haven't read Eat Right For Your (Blood) Type you've likely heard of it. I read it as part of a project when I was in school and its theory has stuck with me since. I have watched those in my family struggle to become vegetarians on moral grounds while their blood type dictates that they will thrive when consuming meat. And this past week, that has been me in all my O negative glory.

I nearly caved yesterday. I've had more naps in the past week than I care to admit (in addition to the plenty more than 8 hours of sleep I'm getting at night). And yet I'm thoroughly exhausted despite eating more calories than I need every. single. day. Normally I would mention to someone in this situation that they may be feeling this way due to the toxins they may be excreting, but I underwent a bit of a different kind of detox myself not that long ago.

Mr.C is type A and thus does better on a plant based diet than I. He's doing very well and has loads of energy (thank goodness for that!). He's been doing most of the cooking & the resulting mountains of dishes in addition to studying for finals. There are very obvious differences in our experiences in the last few days.

Breakfast has been the really difficult part of this for us. While we are eating eggs, one cannot have eggs and eggs alone every single morning. He stumbled on a great recipe that we've made a few times and keeps us both happy starting our days.

Breakfast Quinoa

adapted from this recipe

1 cup quinoa
1/2 cup chopped dates
2 cups water
1 ripe pear, grated
2-4 tbsp coconut butter

Throw first 3 ingredients in a rice cooker and set to cook.
Go get ready for work, do some laundry or have a tea while you wait!
When the rice cooker is just about done doing its thing, stir in the shredded pear.
Heat your coconut butter up to liquify it while the pear is blending in with everything else.
Divide the quinoa into two bowls and top with coconut butter.

Have a delicious day!

Bitlet's For You This Past Week: March 26th- April 01st, 2012

Walmarts claims of "local" & organic kind of miss the mark.

Have you seen this celiac screening sheet yet?

The concepts of 'yin' and 'yang' are easy to incorporate into your life through yoga, but what about through your food?
The FDA is disputing the over 1 million signatures this petition has obtained through this loophole.

Here's a thought: do you really need your tv this month? Get out there and get some fresh air!

There's all kinds of things that accumulate in our bodies that'll make you want to detox em' out!

With spring & summer on the way, with it comes all kinds of seasonal fruit! I just caught wind of this great tip for keeping berries fresh for longer once they're home from the farmers market- wish I had of heard this last summer!

I contacted Starbucks recently regarding their lack of allergen information on their website (after being glutened by an unsuspecting mocha) and received a disappointing response:

Hello Kristin,

Thank you for taking the time to write in to us!

I am so sorry to hear that you had a reaction you think was caused by gluten contents in your Mocha. That is very unfortunate, and I really apologize. I sure hope you are feeling better!

I also apologize that you are no longer able to view the same information online as you previously have.
At this time, Starbucks is unable to guarantee a "gluten-free" environment in our retail locations due to the potential for cross contamination with gluten-containing products. The open environment and operating procedures of our store locations may present additional risk for gluten-sensitive customers aside from the gluten-containing ingredients themselves. "Gluten-free" is a claim with specific requirements defined by government agencies and industry standards. We are unable to make this claim on a product unless the item is specifically formulated and manufactured to meet the definition of the claim. This explains why we do not have the same online setup as before.

If there are any beverages or beverage ingredients that do not agree with you or cause any sort of reaction, we advise that the customer not consume these products. Changes to our nutrition process are most likely permanent.

I apologize for any inconvenience, Kristin, and I hope you can still enjoy some items off of our menu.
Thanks again for writing us. I hope you have a great day! If you ever have any questions or concerns in the future, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

customer service

So basically just wing it? That's not safe...