Monday, April 9, 2012

Bitlet's For You This Past Week: April 02-08, 2012

Beet & Spinach Powder keep things interesting!
Happy Easter! Whether you celebrate the religious side of it or not, Easter is definitely a "food holiday". I hope you ate well this weekend! Here's a handful of interesting things to keep you busy!

This is just ridiculous Michigan!

Guys, if you needed a reason not to skip breakfast, here it is!

Healthy Aperture is a site chock full of yummy looking recipes! Similar to Tastespotting, but with a required focus on health... dive in!

These bars are definitely on the "to-make" list!

A gluten free sugar addict: Surely you know one (if you aren't one yourself!)

Just a friendly reminder to buy organic!
Hey look! We're not the only ones that hate Monsanto!

Check out this YouTube on what this guy has to say about Sourdough bread- interesting!

Paleo 101: In case you've been wondering!

All the reasons you could need to "shop like a foodie"

Dairy definitely isn't your best bet...

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