Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Roast Vindaloo Chicken for What I Ate Wednesday: April 18th, 2012

Happy What I Ate Wednesday, guys! I know, I know I've been slacking a little bit lately and it's been a few weeks since I've done a WIAW, but bear with me! Here's what my day shaped up to look like!

Jalapeno Monterey Jack Cheese

These fresh blackberries...

... went into a tasty smoothie!

That brown grass in my backyard is kind of depressing, sorry 'bout that... At least (almost) all the snow is melted! Spring is certainly on its way around here, and with the amount of (April) showers we've been getting lately there had better be some amazing May flowers in a few weeks!

Ancho chili, Lemon cucumber, Parsley & Violet tomatoes.

I started a few veggie seeds last week that have started sprouting up through the soil in the past few days- very exciting! If we don't have flowers, I'll have these for sure! The sprouts closest in the photo are a heirloom variety of tomatoes!

Afternoon tea- one of my faves!

For dinner tonight, I roasted a chicken! I figure if summer is on its way (eternal optimist?) my days of having the oven on for hours at a time are dwindling. I coated it with melted coconut oil and some vindaloo spice we got awhile back and have been meaning to use up. I chopped up a sweet onion which sat in the bottom of the roasting pan while the chicken cooked and added some home canned tomatoes from last summer to make up a vindaloo sauce- yum!

only a few jars left!
We had black thai rice and steamed broccolini along with it for dinner. Pairing items like this with chicken seems normal enough? I suppose potatoes are a more "normal" item to accompany poultry, but we're trying to reduce our grain consumption (via getting rid of what we have in the house) so no biggie. The broccolini we bought at Costco- Mr.C's favorite veggie. All in all, somewhat of an average meal for us.

You're probably thinking "where is she going with this?". Last Monday I got my lab results back from some allergy bloodwork I had done. I'll give you a few guesses on what showed up...

My understanding of the accuracy of this particular testing method is that it is pretty good, but more often will present with false positives than false negatives. I've certainly never noticed any sort of a reaction to anything other than gluten and sometimes dairy (neither of which showed up) and especially not anything that was listed in either of the 3 columns of intolerance's. Coconut will be hard to do as an elimination challenge because we use coconut oil for everything. I bought some grapeseed oil to switch over to in the mean time when I cut it out in May. I don't eat a ton of broccoli or cranberries, so those should be easy to avoid for awhile.

From the mild intolerances though, there are a few that will be tough. I almost don't want to know about garlic, eggs, black pepper or rice! No gluten and no rice? That'll be tough... Actually, that'll have to be paleo! Adventures in food indeed!

Tell me about your food adventures lately! What did you serve up for dinner last night?

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