Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday (Gluten Free In Vancouver!): May 02nd, 2012

Yesterday we embarked on our travels home from a few days in Vancouver back to Prince George. For breakfast yesterday we used up as much of what we could from what had collected in the kitchenette of our hotel room. Over the course of our 5 day mini-vacation we ate:

Bob's Red Mill GF pancakes, Liberte organic vanilla yogurt, organic kumquats, toast, tea, grapefruit, an orange that fooled us all into thinking it was a grapefruit, spinach salad, green beans, market fresh mussels, one rogue clam, Mexican, gf tiramisu, gf carrot cake, gf pecan squares, apples, carrot juice, more carrot juice, Thai green curry pork, hummus, gf brownie, eggs in a Glutino Genius nest, baby salad greens, fresh lemongrass vinaigrette, almonds, chicken breasts, fudge, grapefruit ganache, cherry tomatoes, cucumber....

That's a lot of groceries that weren't meals eaten out (ok, maybe some of them were)! Kitchenette is the way to go, I'm tellin' ya! The "Continental Breakfast" is useless to someone who can't eat gluten... Okay, except for the peanut butter packets.

 Stuff like this is such a novelty when it's not available at home!

 Stackhouse prime rib patty, guiness cheddar, tomato, butter lettuce, pancetta, portabello mushroom & chipotle aioli with mesculin greens.

Edible Canada steelhead salmon 'fish & chips', duck fat frites & asian coleslaw.

The teeny tiniest mussel I've ever seen!

We didn't make it to nearly as many gf friendly locations as I would have like to have, but I'll be going back in a few short months and will be targeting The Wallflower Diner, My Goodness Gluten Free Kitchen, Rocky Mountain Flatbread & Gluten Free Epicurean as suggested by Gluten Free Vancouver.


  1. That mussel is soo... pretty! It kind of reminds me of the dissections we did in Biology (I'm talking about clams dissections on a food blog, I know. CRAZY!) But anyways, when we were done our teacher said that we could keep their shells. So I disinfected mine and used the shells on my dresser to store jewelery and knick nacks :D

    1. Very cool! I'm fairly certain the only thing I ever got to dissect was a worm... and for obvious reasons it wasn't coming home with me!