Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday: June 27th, 2012

Howdy WIAWers, Happy Wednesday! 
While I hope yours was delicious, I'll cut straight to the chase here:

Breakfast this morning was this smoothie containing juice straight from an organic orange

Before I headed out for an appointment in the afternoon I had some greens with golden raising, pumpkin & sunflower seeds & a bit of this awesome tangy red pepper & feta dressing 

The Mojave Salsa Company is a local to in Prince George that sells their salsa and other tasty hot pepper related goods (spicy peanut brittle, anyone?) I buy one of these containers nearly every weekend and always polish it off before the week is up! Which is necessary since the salsa doesn't 
have any sugar or preservatives in it- it would definitely go bad if I didn't' scarf it down by then. 
Maybe attempting to singlehandedly eat this Costco sized bag of organic tortilla chips 
wasn't such a bad idea after all!

After yoga I did the worst possible thing ever... go grocery shopping hungry. And I mean, starving! Somehow I managed to not only eat some veggies, but also wait for these to finish cooking before I ate anything- how did this happen!??! And I didn't leave the store with any chocolate. 


Okay, so this is what they actually look like... I tried this recipe out and needless to say, mine didn't need as much baking time as the recipe called for. I didn't have much success getting the batter to do what it was supposed to do. After breading 5 pieces, I made more breading with just almond flour and spices & they were much better than the ones where I used slivered almonds plus rice bran. Maybe a different flour would have worked better, I don't know. I was way too hungry to be recipe tinkering at this point. I ate almost the whole pound of chicken breast...

Despite my fullness after dinner, I somehow had room for some of these babies. Also procured at the farmers market on the weekend! Yummm... 
Now it's your turn- get on this WIAW bandwagon & share your eats!

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