Monday, July 23, 2012

Bitlet's For You This Past Week: July 8th- 23rd, 2012

For some reason, I always envisioned that a gram of sugar was equal to a teaspoon of sugar. Turns out this is not the case!

Whether you eat gluten free out of necessity as in a celiac diagnosis, or out of trend because you've heard so much about it, please read this. If you read a lot of gluten free blogs, you may have already seen it, but it not- take a look!

Check out this awesome list of goodies!

Apparently Campbell's bought out Bolthouse recently... there seems to be more and more of this kind of thing going on. And it's not good.

Applying a gluten free lifestyle to an olympic athlete: better times, more energy & stronger finishes.

Why our cultural norms will be the end of us.

Carbs go in, cardio goes out... Sound familiar?

Some great natural beauty tips! 

This girl speaks the nutritional truth!

I'm getting excited about the days of mass amounts of zucchini at farmers market!

Last year I simply halved cherries & froze them, but there's a better way!

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