Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bitlet's For You This Past Week: June 24th-30th, 2012

Happy Canada Day Everyone! And an early Happy Fourth of July to those of you a little further south; it's coming up quickly! If the rain kept you in this long weekend, here's a few little bitlet's to check out until the sunshine decides to join us!

Fat: You need it. Here's proof (if you really weren't convinced...)

Ayurveda anyone?

Glutathione: The healing helper.

A fantastic visual for acidic & alkaline foods

Weary about using pharmaceuticals when your littles ones have come down with something? Here's a great guide to natural alternatives for kids! 

A great case study on how boosting both the economy and your sense of community works together for everyone. It's sort of a glimpse at the past (and the future if you ask me!)

With all sorts of fresh, local produce showing up in the farmers markets, a guide to storing it properly can help avoid having to toss it all when its gone bad.

An interesting read on ancient varieties of wheat. But then, watch this:

This is a fantastic run down of the differences between Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance & Gluten Sensitivity, why you should think about going grain-free & why the intestinal biopsy isn't the best way to diagnose your condition. Worth your 37 minutes!

Eating consciously. I definitely practice most of these points, but I think the first one is worth some extra attention. Visualize what a chicken looks like:


Now think about the wings on that chicken. Think about her flapping them about, trying to fly. Think about this next time you go for cheap wings & beer with your friends. Think about the muscles in the front that power these wings. Those pecs? That's where the chicken breast chopped up in your stirfry came from. The chest of this animal. This is important to know & acknowledge. This animal's life was taken so that you could consume it's muscle. Muscle, just the same as your bicep, or your quads.

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