Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peach Iced Rooibus with Watermelon Mojito Cubes

Prince George isn't a place that gets too terribly hot. Definitely not hot enough to invest in a/c. In fact, I think most people get pretty darned excited when it gets above 20 degrees. Summer weather is definitely embraced by people up here, myself included.

While I've been feeling a little under the weather lately and haven't exactly been taking in the warmth as much as I'd like, I spent a little time in our hammock enjoying the sunshine this afternoon. Which eventually led me back into the house for a cool beverage...

Last weekend in an attempt to make iced tea, I "killed" our antique juice pitcher. I was much more careful this week, and went with the cold brew/longer time method rather than the hot water/immediate steeping way of going about it. It's been in the fridge for a few days, so I figure it's about ready!

Any tea (preferably with some fruit flavor) would work once steeped (either hot or cold, long or short) and the combinations for ice cubes are equally endless.

My slightly stolen, friend of a facebook friend's popsicle almost-recipe inspired these cubes. Into the blender (and then freezer) went:

-juice of one lime
-350g frozen watermelon chunks
-100g peeled cucumber
-handful fresh mint leaves

Every summer (last year included) I buy a mint plant with the intentions of hosting marvelous mojito drinking parties. Let's be honest though, the only people we've had over to our house in Prince George since moving here have been related to us. We're not big drinkers as it is, so most years the mint plant doesn't exactly get the attention it deserves. This is at least summer number four of mint plant buying, so it's about time I've started branching out...

Do you have any favorite recipes for fresh mint? 

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