Monday, March 18, 2013

Post-Workout Hot Chocolate

I really am a warm weather girl at heart. I have no idea how that could possibly have happened growing up in Canada...

Now as much as I like to get my sweat on at the gym or the yoga studio, I have to admit- leaving a warm place with a warm body to walk across the parking lot through the snow to a cold car equals a cold body. Fast. Sometimes the hydrating doesn't happen because I just can't get in any liquid that's more than a few degrees below my elevated body temperature. Sometimes the protein "shake" doesn't exactly happen either. Just too cold.

'Til today.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm not exactly getting on the recipe developing bandwagon again. 

"Guidelines" my dear...

1 scoop of your preferred brand of protein powder (I use this one)
almond milk (or milk of choice, though I love this Canadian company)

I just happened to have a smidge of chocolate almond milk in the fridge, so I poured that dribble into a small saucepan with a scoop of chocolate protein powder & a bunch more unsweetened almond milk. Adjust amounts to suit your own tastes & kitchen contents. Whisk over medium heat to prevent scorching. Do not allow to boil.

Add marshmallows if you have them handy :)

Enjoy a warm cup of yum (before it grows a skin!)

*I can't vouch for any other brands of protein doing weird things when heated in this manner.


  1. Ha! Now there's a protein drink I could get behind. I'm in the always cold camp too... I was born in Hawaii when my parents were living there for a brief stint, but they moved back to Colorado when I was an infant and I grew up in Denver.

    But my theory has always been that my internal thermostat somehow got set at birth, and my body thinks that a "normal" outside temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I don't think I'd do well living in Canada! :-)

    1. I wish I had an excuse that great (thyroid is pretty boring)! I'm off to Hawaii in 32 more sleeps though... can't wait to escape the snow :)