Monday, March 18, 2013

Post-Workout Hot Chocolate

I really am a warm weather girl at heart. I have no idea how that could possibly have happened growing up in Canada...

Now as much as I like to get my sweat on at the gym or the yoga studio, I have to admit- leaving a warm place with a warm body to walk across the parking lot through the snow to a cold car equals a cold body. Fast. Sometimes the hydrating doesn't happen because I just can't get in any liquid that's more than a few degrees below my elevated body temperature. Sometimes the protein "shake" doesn't exactly happen either. Just too cold.

'Til today.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm not exactly getting on the recipe developing bandwagon again. 

"Guidelines" my dear...

1 scoop of your preferred brand of protein powder (I use this one)
almond milk (or milk of choice, though I love this Canadian company)

I just happened to have a smidge of chocolate almond milk in the fridge, so I poured that dribble into a small saucepan with a scoop of chocolate protein powder & a bunch more unsweetened almond milk. Adjust amounts to suit your own tastes & kitchen contents. Whisk over medium heat to prevent scorching. Do not allow to boil.

Add marshmallows if you have them handy :)

Enjoy a warm cup of yum (before it grows a skin!)

*I can't vouch for any other brands of protein doing weird things when heated in this manner.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Admittedly, I was sort of vague in my last post. Maybe a bit on purpose. '

I guess you could call this part 2.

(As we all are to some degree) I'm on a bit of a self improvement quest. To be my best self. It's a lifelong journey, really. I had to give up writing in this space because it was no longer serving me. I got nothing out of it. In fact, it drained me.

When I began writing this blog, I had no intentions of writing for any purpose other than for myself. I didn't care if anyone read it, I didn't care to make any money off of it (which I never have), I didn't care that my photography skills sucked.

However, it quickly turned into grand ideas of blogger celebrity. I watched this girl, who completed the same nutrition as I did one year before me hurtle through the blogosphere (nevermind her marketing background & expensive camera) to the full time career blogger that she is now. She started writing not too long before I. Seemed like a comparison that wasn't too outlandish. She made it look so easy.

But it's not.

I'm just a normal person. Okay, I take that back... normal is frightening in this day & age. Let's call it "average" instead.

I have dirty dishes in the sink (nearly all the time, actually). I have litter boxes to scoop & a driveway to shovel. I have mac & cheese (gluten free of course) for dinner sometimes. Like today. Under a blanket on the couch.

I think there's a lot of how I'm feeling in the online world. And beyond it as well. I read something a few days ago on facebook (yes, I get lost on there for unreasonable amounts of time too) and it was something along the lines of "quit comparing their best days to your worst day ever". Basically when you're slumped over your laptop, having not showered in three days eating cereal for dinner pouring over pictures from a trip to {insert tropical destination here} of a facebook "friend"... stop it. Stop comparing yourself, its certainly not doing you any good ogling their perfect everything.

The point is that comparing ourselves to those around us is useless (easier said than done granted). I don't know this girl's story. I don't know your story. Or anyone else's nearly as well as I know my own. And thus I must focus only on my own path, my own duty. And you, yours.

Friday, February 22, 2013

So Where'd Ya Go?

I took a bit of a break. Maybe you noticed? Maybe not. Either way, it's been just about seven months without any new posts going up around here. I had some health stuff come up, I needed some space. Some space for me. Maybe you caught this post & saw it coming. So what have I been up to?

I bought a new car (the day before my "disappearance" actually)! I'm excited to get back on my bike to & from work once all the snow is gone this spring!

The first thing I did from the dealership was drive that bike back home up the hill!

I canned tomatoes like I do late in the summer every year & bought a Vitamix!

I began & completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program!
We had a Korean themed Thanksgiving

We had a blast at Halloween!

We stayed home for Christmas, cooked a goose & cut down our own tree!

The new year has been pretty quiet. I've been working on nutrition stuff, teaching yoga & planning for our vacation (59 more sleeps!) I have definitely been dreaming & scheming about Wanderlust as well as another yoga retreat over the summer. Trying to keep it low key in the meantime so that I can make it all happen- tres exciting!

I just finished a "variation" of  Sarah Wilson's "I Quit Sugar" program last week. Sugar has always been my vice (if you met my mother, you'd understand that I come by it honestly!) however I got to a point a few weeks ago where I honestly wasn't craving it anymore.

I never thought I'd be able to say that.

It was a rough few weeks leading up to that point, but I'm glad I did it. Definitely recommend. If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Some of my other new years resolution topics include drinking more water, reading more paper books (rather than just online content), getting outside every day (to & from the car does not count!) & spending more time doing what I love (rather than the opposite). Journalling about my goals every Sunday to follow up with them has kept me accountable to myself.

Expect to hear more from me soon! xo